VAT was introduced as a simple tax, but it’s long since lost its simplicity. VAT is one of the most complex areas of taxation – particularly when trying to understand whether you should charge your customers VAT - and if so at what rate.

There are many different schemes to use so we will help you find the best one for your business in terms of cashflow and cost. We’ll help you choose a system that will allow your business to calculate and record your VAT with minimal effort for you as a business owner. 

Recovering the VAT you’ve incurred has to follow a strict set of guidelines – but it’s more straightforward when you’ve recorded it correctly from the start. 

Frequently Asked VAT Questions

Is there a VAT Calculator I can use?


Should I be VAT registered?


Would it be beneficial to be VAT registered?


How do I reclaim my VAT?


Can you recover some VAT you have been charged before you became VAT registered?


What is Making Tax Digital (MTD) all about?


You have to charge VAT once your business turnover has reached an £85,000 sales threshold in a 12-month period – so understanding when your business should be VAT registered and how to record and charge VAT is critical. There are severe penalties for being late to register your business for VAT – all that can be avoided with some expert Vogan Accountancy advice.

VAT is the one tax you want to be paying more of, because the more VAT you pay – the better your business is performing!

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