Efficiently managing your finances is key for every business. It’s all about the plan and continually monitoring actual results against the plan, and promptly reacting to the changes as your business evolves.


A well thought-out plan will assist you in determining how to finance your business, track your day-to-day costs and prepare realistic budgets. This will ensure continuity for paying suppliers, as well as paying your employees, controlling your debts and retaining a positive cashflow.


If you’re employing people – you will need a payroll system, and we will run it for you. We will calculate tax and national insurance, prepare payslips and file returns with HMRC on your behalf. That’s one more financial headache off your mind!

Frequently Asked Finance Questions

What is a business plan?


How do I finance my business?


How do I create a budget?


What grants are available for my business?


How do I track my finances?


How do I pay my employees?


Many small businesses don’t invoice for their work because they don’t have a proper system for recording tasks and changes to specifications, resulting in a loss of earnings. An effective finance management system helps small businesses to keep a positive cashflow.

A lot of small business don’t have a proper system for chasing outstanding debtors, but did you know that legislation states that a business can charge 8% statutory interest on late payments by customers, outside your business terms?