When do you need to submit your tax return to avoid penalties?


When is the best time to do it?


These are the questions all of our clients regularly ask. HMRC are keen to raise penalties on inaccurate or late filed returns. We’re equally keen to make sure that you and your business avoid all those penalties.


It’s our Yorkshire trait.

What tax advice can you get from Vogan Accountancy?

Tax is a tricky area of business to navigate. One area is about compliance: accurately submitting the right forms at the right time. However, more importantly is planning your affairs to get the best value out of the legislation – and that’s where our team of accountants are ready to help you.


HMRC could start an investigation into your business at any time and for any reason. Even if there’s no tax to pay – it will cost you and your business time and money to sort it out, resolve the issue or defend the claim. Our Business Protection Service gives you peace of mind, as it covers all those accountancy fees incurred from the investigation.